Medicaid Service Coordination

MSC is the gateway to attaining the full array of Waiver services and one must receive MSC in order to receive any service. The job of the service coordinator is to help those with developmental disabilities to live successful lives in the community according to their own dreams, desires, and plans, by arranging, coordinating, and monitoring a package of multiple services to meet individuals’ complex needs.

The service coordinator develops an Individualized Service Plan (ISP), much like an IEP. This is an ever-changing personal life plan that includes goals and outcomes that are developed through brainstorming by the consumer, family, and others close to the consumer. Goals can include a variety of wishes from learning Torah to learning to play piano; from attending tishen to playing baseball. Going to camp, sleep-a ways and shabbatons can also be included.

The service coordinator can be compared to a primary care physician, documenting the consumers needs and then referring out to different “specialties”, such as day hab, Comm Hab, respite, camp, clinicians, etc. that provide and fund these services. The service coordinator must be in regular communication with the service providers, which include family, teachers, OPWDD, clinical staff, etc.

Heimish speaking in short words, the ideal service coordinator is like the private askan and shtadlan for the child and his family knowing their needs and daagos, by being in constant contact with the child and the family, and also being on top of all of the his services which all have to go through his/her desk.

By creatively interpreting in Yiddish OPWDD and other government funded services into the special child’s heimishe daily life, a devoted service coordinator will gather all the resources and “side dish” funding available to develop a great plan for today and a productive roadmap for the future.

Being on top of all personal and organizational services for the special child -from as small as scheduling a doctor’s appointment to as grand as choosing a day program- makes the service coordinator a very vital person for the success of the child and his family.

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