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About Us

Bridging the gap between ordinary and special, Ahivim implements skill and love. The latter is the very root word of the Ahivim network, where all staff and volunteers demonstrate an unrelenting compassion and dedication toward their participating individuals. Contrary to the closet generation of decades past, the people with special needs among us are provided with the utmost care within their educational, recreational and residential settings.

Ahivim is an organization geared toward the care of those with developmental disabilities, as well as those afflicted by mental illness. Situated in the Kiryas Joel community of Monroe, NY, they serve Kings, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, and Sullivan counties, as well as neighboring seasonal communities of upstate NY.

While there are institutional facilities geared toward the educational and recreational intent of these individuals, families continue to praise the efforts of Ahivim in providing unconventional one on one assistance with unparalleled flexibility of program schedules. Every client is a world unto his/ her own, and the staff at Ahivim conveys that individuality in a magnanimous show of affection. They’ve proven that love is more powerful than brick and mortar, implementing the ever powerful ‘without walls’ program. Without the barriers of class and schedule, individuals thrive in community settings, learning to mingle and incorporate skills within their lives. These interactions are a source of much improvement in the communicative and proactive aspects of every Ahivim program.

Ahivim’s noteworthy Chevy Frankel, an active community member with many certifications and accolades, has over 20 years of experience in assisting the developmentally disabled among us. She continues to lead Ahivim, pioneering new fronts for other disadvantaged individuals. Chevy also launched Rhythm Rehab LLC, an outpatient division which provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to those in need. The latest feat she’s mastered is the recently established Heartstrings LLC organization, a hub of services focusing on the assistance of the elderly within her community. True to her religious calling, Chevy recognizes the value of providing our elderly with the compassion and proper care they so rightfully deserve. She has declared it her mission to be the voice to all those with special needs, spanning many areas of expertise and resources.

Every neshamale has a purpose, a route, and a compass. Ahivim provides the vehicle and road skills to fulfill every purpose to the utmost. It’s the aura of love that guides all our passengers on a safe trip ahead.