Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation is one of our richest and most flexible programs, which can be used in numerous ways and in different settings. The benefits of this program are one of the best kept secrets. Most of our leisure and getaway programs are funded through Comm Hab. This program offers choice to the consumer and his family as to when and where their service will take place.

The Comm Hab coordinator develops a Comm Hab plan based on the goals specified in the ISP,which outlines the activities to be done during the Comm Hab hours.
Comm Hab is used during the morning and evening hours, during weekends, or anytime when one doesn’t attend school or day program.

As said, the Comm Hab program is both rich and flexible which makes it easier for us to use in creative ways. In fact, we were the pioneers to actually develop a “special” Yeshiva that was fully funded by OPWDD services. 

The Comm Hab program has specific funding to enhance recreational goals that we used as a major source for numerous community inclusion activities, in creative ways like Purim and Chanukah parties, overnight getaways, and more.

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